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Pure Outdoor Entertainment

Deliver the best in mobile entertainment with DISH Pay-As-You-Go. Whether your customers RV, tailgate, camp, or enjoy other outdoor activities, help them discover the difference of DISH.

Why customers want DISH?

  • • HD on most mobile antennas*
  • • Low priced DISH compatible antennas
  • • Fast and easy setup
  • • Over 100 music channels available
  • • Pay-As-You-Go Programming option

Why become a Pay-As-You-Go
dealer through PACE?

  • • Add revenue to antenna sales
  • • Simplicity. You sell, we activate!
  • • Showroom DISH video program
  • • Marketing assets available

*Most automatic antennas use Ku-band frequency, which is only compatible with DISH.


DISH is the clear choice for your dealership. Find out why.

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