About Pace

Pace International distributes equipment that enables expansion of services and incremental growth to businesses

Pace offers solutions. Through our partners and years of experience bringing video, data and cellular solutions to our customers, we deliver the best solutions for you and your customers. With a state-of-the-art warehouse system and expertise in procuring and distributing products, Pace will find solutions to fit all of your needs.

As a telecom distributor, Pace delivers content to video, data and cellular devices that helps users stay connected to their entertainment.

Pace has added-value services beyond the video, data and cellular hardware we distribute nationally. Our customers need flexibility for their unique business solutions, and Pace serves our customers based on their business and projects.

Pace Commercial
In today’s connected world, Pace works with commercial installers: PCOs, LECs, WISPs, ISPs, and Integrators among others to deliver content to end-users. Pace assists in system design, distribution of products, custom kitting, technical support and offers financing for all video, data and cellular solutions.
RV Distributors, Dealers & OEMs
The RV and Mobile market have evolved to become a way of life for many across the country. Pace partners with dealers, distributors and OEMs to design systems and offer video, data and cellular solutions to help drive more revenue and enjoyment for all.
Mobile Market
Pace works with industry leading hardware manufacturers to meet the growing demand of mobile users to stay connected to video, data and cellular content wherever they may go.
Master Vendor Procurement
Service companies with substantial and frequent purchasing can be managed through Pace’s Master Vendor Procurement (MVP) services. This allows for corporate oversight and management of the field’s purchasing volume and trends. Pace partners with retailers and manufacturers with service fleets, and can evaluate additional opportunities for companies to manage procurement with a trusted value-added distributor.
Tool Distribution
Being in the installation business, Pace knows what’s required for a quality outcome or service call. That’s why Pace carries the most durable and effective power and hand tools in the business. Customers of all types from HVAC repair fleets to manufacturers and construction crews buy tools from Pace to give their team what they need to be successful.

What is “added-value” and how does it help Pace’s customers?

Pace International offers a variety of services unmatched by other distributors to help Pace customers do business more efficiently and effectively. Pace stays on top of telecom industry trends to provide relevant solutions to your business.

Custom Cabling

Pace International supplies and even manufactures cabling based on our customers’ specifications. Cabling requires specific lengths for the runs throughout a property or vehicle that can be custom cut before it even gets to the project site or OEM floor. This can save you labor hours and preserve a clean and tidy customer and operations experience.

System Design

Careful planning is key to a successful solution installation, and Pace’s technical team and partners can aid with that phase. From strategic system design, we can assure a simplified installation so your expectations are met.

Custom Kitting

Pace is able to optimize equipment purchases and shipping for installers to receive consolidated orders of equipment on-site, on-time. For example, say an installer wins a project across the country and wants to send their installation team there. Pace can coordinate for a kit of tools, custom-cut cabling and solution equipment to arrive at the project site, ready to go. All you need to do is open up the shipment and complete the installation.

Tech Support

Pace is proud to offer an unmatched technical support service. If technical questions arise as you are performing installations, our proven technical support team is ready to assist. We want you and your business to be successful with the technology we distribute and are determined to help you get there.


In a competitive market, financing can sometimes be hard to come by. Fortunately, Pace understands your business and can help by offering simplified financing plans.

Call Center Capabilities

Pace doesn’t only supply your business with products, we are proud to continue to support and service your business and customers by providing the answers and insights necessary for success – all done by our talented call center. Whether it’s managing equipment activations, subscribership or something else that needs customer service, we’re ready to help overcome the challenge.

Our Mission

Leading, simplifying, & supporting the integration of hardware & content solutions within a complex communications marketplace.

A Brief History of Pace International

Pace International was incorporated in 1972 by its founder Jim Deutsch. Jim served as a manager for Lew Bonn Co. (the original electronics distributor in Minnesota whose roots date to the 1920s) from the late 1950s until he purchased the company in 1972 and started Pace. Pace catered to an independent dealer base of TV and appliance retailers selling TV repair parts, commercial sound, consumer electronics and TV reception equipment. Jim was active in the business until his passing in March of 1999. Jim’s son Patrick, who started with the firm in 1977, is now CEO and is carrying on the legacy of dedicated customer service along with his two sons, Eric and Tim.

Since then, the company has grown substantially from a regional distributor serving the upper Midwest to national wholesaler servicing customers in all 50 states and Canada. In 2005, Pace moved into its current headquarters facility and is expanding to service the growing needs of its customers. Pace supplies products of the highest quality for video, data and cellular solutions.

In October 2008, Pace became hardware and content partners with DISH, and Pace offers a full lineup of DISH hardware and programming to operators targeting video, data, and cellular demand. This partnership has flourished into the RV and mobile market as well. Pace works with retailers and manufacturers with service fleets, to manage procurement for their field teams.

Pace is constantly evolving our service offering and product mix to better serve our B2B customers. We will help identify industry trends so our customers will be prepared for the next shift in the telecom industry.

Pace International Executive Leadership

Pat Deutsch

Pat Deutsch

Chief Executive Officer

Pat has worked in the family business his entire career. From 1977 to 1992 Pat was in outside sales for Pace. In 1992, he became Vice President of the Company– then in 1999, he became President when his father and founder of Pace International, Jim Deutsch, passed away. During Pat’s tenure as President and now CEO Pace has tripled in revenue, built new corporate headquarters, then expanded the facility further, developed and sold their DIRECTV content business, purchased a major hardware and tool supply business and partnered with national hardware and content powerhouse, DISH®. Pat holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota – Morris. His wife Teri is a retired Pharmacist from Mayo Clinic.

Opie Williams

Opie Williams


As Pace’s President, Opie delivers the vision and guidance needed to position the Company as a leader in the multi-platform industry. His role at Pace includes the development of strategic initiatives across all Pace business units, executive level customer and vendor relationships, global distribution partnerships, and corporate leadership development Opie focuses on developing and training leaders within the company who are focused on driving profit for their customers and building strong personal relationships. With a strong background in sales management and business development, Opie focuses on deepening executive relationships with customers and developing new opportunities for Pace. He has been instrumental in guiding and leading his team with new opportunities and challenges, while maintaining high standards of integrity. He has skillfully built new customer opportunities. Opie also has an entrepreneurial background, having built and sold businesses prior to joining Pace. Opie is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, where in 1992 he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Sam Schell

Sam Schell

Senior Vice President of Business Development

As Senior Vice President of Business Development, Sam works closely with Pace's national accounts, vendors, and internal teams to lead Pace sales and marketing initiatives. Sam has an extensive background in product development, sales and marketing, with over 16 years of telecom industry experience. Sam has been instrumental in implementing new business units for Pace, and most recently has led the Pace Mobile business unit to exceptional growth. Sam is an entrepreneur and a seasoned relationship-builder, helping to drive company value and bring products and service ideas to life. He is a skilled communicator with the ability to build strong partnerships and winning pricing, promotion, and distribution strategies. His proven leadership ability drives and motivates the Pace team, connecting everything from sales to operations and finance to marketing leading to higher levels of performance. Sam graduated from Winona State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, and enjoys outdoor activities with his family and friends.

Eric Deutsch

Eric Deutsch

Vice President of Finance

Eric Deutsch, CPA joined the family business in May 2009. Eric became the third generation Deutsch to work at Pace International following his grandfather and founder, Jim Deutsch, and father and current CEO, Pat. As Vice President of Finance, Eric oversees Purchasing, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable departments within Pace. Eric joined the Pace team after working for two years as a tax associate for a large public accounting firm where he gained experience doing tax returns, planning and research for large corporations, small partnerships as well as individuals. Eric earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in accounting from the University of Notre Dame in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Eric is also an accomplished golfer having played for Notre Dame while he was in college as well as winning the Minnesota State Amateur Championship in 2004. His wife Deanna works as a nurse in Rochester.

John Schell

John Schell

Director of Purchasing

As the Director of Purchasing, at Pace, John works closely with vendors, logistics partners and internal teams to optimize Pace’s supply chain and evolve its strategic purchasing plan. He has extensive experience in international sourcing and trade, having spent over seven years in Asia heading up Pace’s procurement operations. John has led the way in implementing new technologies and extracting business intelligence from data. As a dedicated team member and group leader, John is focused on improving internal systems and pricing strategy that best serves Pace's customers and vendors. John graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Brent Afseth

Brent Afseth

Director of Operations

Brent Afseth began with Pace in 1998. His long-standing dedication and experience include a variety of projects. As a Warehouse Manager he implemented new processes to streamline warehouse efficiencies and shipping accuracy. He also has acted as a Senior Project Manager where he has built and maintained many valuable, long-standing relationships with customers and vendors as well as demonstrating a solid background in project planning and process implementation. Brent spent 8 years in the United States Army Reserve as a Staff Sergeant where he participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom and returned as a heavy equipment repair instructor. Brent now leads Pace as the Director of Operations, overseeing all daily operations, and developing policies and procedures that increase efficiencies and accuracy within Pace for our team, our vendors and our customers.

Tim Deutsch

Tim Deutsch

General Manager

Tim Deutsch, CPA joined the family business in November of 2012. Along with his brother, he became the third generation Deutsch to work at Pace following his grandfather and Founder, Jim Deutsch, and father and current CEO, Pat. As General Manager, Tim works directly with the President and has utilized his past experience auditing privately held businesses to understand all aspects of Pace's day-to-day operations from PCO and mobile divisions to programming and purchasing. Tim graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota majoring in accounting and finance. In 2009, Tim received his CPA license. In his spare time, Tim enjoys sports (especially his Minnesota teams), golfing, and traveling.