Cellular Solutions

Fix weak cellular signal; earn additional revenue

You may understand the possibility for your business to grow by selling on a cellular signal booster solution - now to get your sales and field team on-board and sell onto your customers. Do they have the tools necessary to do this? Pace can help your field technicians and sales team discover a need and sell a WilsonPro solution.

Their Need. Your Revenue.

Your business focuses on your end-users' connectivity and your customers' business needs. One of those key needs is cellular connectivity. Whether your customers are doing something about it today or not, you have the opportunity to gain that revenue by helping them improve their business. In doing so, you will be:

  • Enhancing data/cellular coverage
  • Creating redundancy for data/video/cellular service
  • Improving connectivity to improve safety and information exchange
  • Increasing customer satisfaction with fewer end-user complaints over connectivity issues

Leasing - bigger potential for revenue!

As a solution-focused distributor, Pace International completely understands this challenge the challenge of providing new solutions that are the most valuable to your customers and the end-user. That's why we want to share a case for additional revenue with you that you'll find intriguing. Pace customers have begun leasing cellular signal boosters to their customers rather than selling it directly to them. This model can result in an opportunity for 10% increase in revenue per project. What will be possible for you and your business with that additional 10% per project?

This was made possible by "giving" the equipment to building/facility owners and leasing it to them under an SLA.

How to lease to your customer for increased revenue

Solutions for your business to invest in are endless and when you need to strike the iron while it's hot, Pace International wants to be sure you can do so. Pace has partnered with POET Capital to help your business finance a solution that can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Minimize cash outlay while preserving your credit lines
  • Provide tax write-off benefits
  • Funding is available for projects of all sizes (minimum of $2,500) as well as 6-12 month financing for labor and/or equipment

Technical Support

You are already running cables throughout your customers' properties and installing a cellular signal booster is in that exact same line of work. If you ever get to the point of needing assistance, Pace International is determined to help you with any obstacles in your path. Seriously- if you are struggling with where to install signal repeaters to needing assistance selling the value to a customer, give us a call – we are happy to help.