Custom Kitting

Kitting – everything you need, made easy

With the logistics involved in an efficient installation, it would be simple to have everything necessary provided in a single kit. Pace provides on-time inventory, allowing all equipment and materials for an installation to arrive on site. Work with our Sales team to determine what is needed, then place the order, and we’ll ship it to your project site. We know your team’s time is valuable and we want to give them everything they need to be as efficient as possible.

With thousands of tools and supplies on hand, Pace is able to ship replacement tools quickly and safely- so you don't lose valuable time waiting to get back on the job.

To be sure everything necessary arrives to your site, the Pace Sales team will ask you about requirements for the project, the planned solution and make sure everything is accounted for based on your needs. Once your order is placed, everything will be sent to you in as few shipments as possible. We want to do everything we can to get you solutions as efficiently as possible. That’s how Pace’s order consolidation process can help you and your business grow.