Pace can help OEMs create the optimal experience for their customers

Pace can help you create the optimal experience for your customers through innovative ideas and quality products. From manufacturing, to distribution, implementation, and best in class customer service, we continue to serve RV OEM’s the products and solutions they need to be successful. Pace can help you design a system that best fits your RVs and help support those customers with any technical needs.

Pace offers a wide range of high-quality HDMI, Coax and Cat5e/Cat6 cables, as well as custom solutions for OEM’s to keep costs low, keep facilities clean and processes efficient.
Differentiate your OEM units by increasing cell and data signals to bring the best customer experience and provide a simple and effective solution for their data needs.
Let Pace outfit you with an end-to-end video distribution solution. We provide the products and solutions that can support all of the newest advances in audio and video technology.