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Milwaukee 1/2" X 18" Long Auger Bit

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Manufacturer: Milwaukee


  • Auger type bits are very effective for drilling through thick pieces of wood like studs, decking or floor joists.  These bits are self-cleaning and create a much cleaner hole than a spade bit.  You will drill at slow speeds with an auger bit, always put your drill in the lowest speed available.  Always use a drill when using auger bits.  Auger bits should not be used in impact drivers or with a drill in hammer drill mode.  Always be sure that you know what is behind the material that you are drilling through.


  • 1/2" x 18" Ship Auger Bit

Technical Specifications

  • Style: Ship Auger
  • Diameter: 1/2"
  • Lenght: 18"
  • Shank: 5/16 Hex


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