Video Solutions

Pace can help you discover the right video solution for your project

There are many ways to bring highly entertaining content to subscribers – making sure they have a great experience is the key to keeping them happy. Pace International offers a variety of video solutions that can address the needs of many property types. Solutions are simple to install, and Pace can help you navigate which will be the best fit.

DISH SMARTBOX is ideal for a small, simple, low-maintenance all-in-one TV solution that reduces cost and increases performance. It’s the best fit in MDUs, medical facilities, assisted living and university housing.
Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) technology, simply stated, allows HD and other high bandwidth digital content to be distributed through existing wiring in a building using a headend and customer devices for individual subscribers. This preserves the infrastructure of the building, while potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars in installation costs for rewiring the building. The technology allows properties to offer content to residents at a very low cost when compared to other digital content solutions.
DISH Optical Network
The DISH Optical Network is targeted for fiber to the end users’ residence in an MDU application. The DISH Optical Network uses standard PON (Passive Optical Network i.e. splitters) architecture for delivery of analog video carriers. The DISH Optical Network is fully compatible with all digital modulation schemes used for DTH satellite services.
An L-band is the ideal way to deliver digital programming to fourplexes all the way up to 100 unit-plus properties. L-band is least expensive and easiest to implement, pre-made distribution boxes will distribute signal for up to 48 tuners—just plug and play!