Whether you are selling wired or wireless connectivity, Pace can help you grow

Just as you disperse data from a single source, Pace International can be your source for business strategy, tools and technology equipment needs. There are many technologies to consider and Pace is here to help. How do you know what works best for each particular system design? Pace will help you determine that and also consolidate any equipment orders to help your business save on expenses.

To help WISPs stay competitive when pitching a project, Pace offers a holistic approach by providing data, video and cellular opportunities to customers. Whether you are pitching data-only or a complete solution, Pace can help design the system and make recommendations for the necessary equipment.

Interested in the types of solutions we can sell? Learn more:

Pace offers a variety of video solutions, each designed to benefit your business with a profitable model. Browse DISH SMARTBOX, SMATV, QAM, DON, L-Band and RV Video Solutions to find your best fit and speak with our team to aid in planning.
Data solutions can be wired, wireless, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi Point with the intent to bring the best customer experience to while growing your business.
Fix weak cellular signal and earn more revenue by offering this service line. You're likely already running cable through the property and enhance your customers' property with cellular solutions too.
Custom Kitting
Increase your field team’s productivity by limiting the amount of time required to shop for tools, cabling and other materials.
There are many varied solutions out there that customers require. Help minimize cash outlay, afford what customers demand and more with POET Capital financing that fits your business.
System Design
Quality end-user experience takes careful planning with technical knowledge and attention to detail. You're not at it alone, and Pace can support your system design needs.
DISH Programming
Properties know the value of entertainment for their visitors and tenants. See what all you have to offer help your customers delight theirs.
If you need to outfit your fleet or have a spare tool delivered to your project site- we've got you covered. Pace's tool selection will get your team what they need to be successful.
Limit your time spent shopping. Maximize your time working on projects that increase revenue. Custom cabling makes for a quality installation experience for you and your customers.