Decades of experience solving commercial, mobile, and retail challenges

Our Mission

Leading, simplifying, and supporting the integration of hardware and content solutions within a complex communication marketplace.

As a nationwide distributor that’s bought, sold, and managed countless products for some of the most-recognized companies, we know what it takes to solve the problems that commercial, mobile, and retail markets are faced with. If it’s a ready-to-ship kit for a multi-unit setup, we have 1,000s of products to cover every base. If it’s a preconfigured data system requiring install and activation, we’ve fulfilled requests of every shape and size. Or, if it’s an in-store display designed to drive sales, then we have the team, the time, and the know-how to get it all done.


If a customer doesn’t know what they want, we’ll lead them.


If there’s a lot of complexity, we’ll simplify it.


If you know where you’re going and need a partner, we’ll support you.

What others call a value add, we call standard practice

We know that no two companies – or projects – are alike. So, we take the details out of your hands by meeting one-on-one to discuss the intricacies of your request, then find a way to meet you with a flexible, budget-friendly solution that reduces your labor and turnaround time.

MDU Properties

Connecting rooms with technology and guests with content.

RV Equipment

Meeting consumers with wireless options wherever they stop.

Customer Service

Supplying customers with product and service support


On-site equipment delivery that’s ready to go right from the kit.

Tech Support

A team of technical wizards that know your products inside and out.

System Design

Custom designed systems based on your property needs.

Cost savings

Reduce your costs by skipping the details like prefab and sourcing.

Custom Cables

Pre-cut custom cables for a variety of unique projects, ready to install.

Your business is our business

We’re entrepreneurs that never ask, “Can we do it?” and instead answer with, “We’ll find a way.” So, if you’ve been looking for someone to help you fulfill a complex request, solve a procurement issue, navigate a new technology install, or any number of mission-critical requirements, then allow us to make your business our business.

Let us introduce you to the team

Pace has been family-owned since 1972 and our company culture has evolved throughout the past four decades to become a close-knit family of colleagues. We work as a team during the day so we can enjoy spending our personal time with those we care about – the ones that are our “why.” Some of us even get together on weekends with our co-workers! We are proud to be able to find a balance between our work and outside lives.

Pace Family

Our Leadership Team