Online SMARTBOX® Training

DISH is excited to officially launch the "DISH Business SMARTBOX & EVOLVE Certification Training" program! This web-based resource replaces and expands on the original in-person SMARTBOX certification course.

Through this training program, you'll have access to a variety of courses from fundamentals to advanced topics on all of DISH’s commercial technologies! Courses are grouped together by related topics. The first group (Tier 1) covers “SMARTBOX Core Competencies" and provides the fundamentals required to layer on more advanced topics. After completing this group of courses, you can take advantage of any of the Tier 2 course groups based on which most benefit you and your business.

Three Tier 2 groups are available now. Over the next couple of months, six additional course groupings will be added to the program. Stay tuned for more info on those!

Click here for more details on current Courses Content, Program Phases, and much, much more.

To sign up, click register and log in to the dish portal with your account information. Once logged in, visit the training section and from there go to the DISH U section to get started.

If you're interested in taking in-person SMARTBOX training, please contact Pace at smartboxtraining@paceintl.com for more information.

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