Reliable Wi-Fi connection, no strings attached

TravlFi devices automatically connect to the strongest signal in your area - no SIM needed!

TravlFi Wi-Fi LTE Devices

Journey1 Device


Wi-Fi 4G/LTE Hotspot

MSRP $229

JourneyXTR Device


4G/LTE Router & Wi-Fi Extender

MSRP $329

TravlFi Products Carried By These Distributors:

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Affordable Data Plans Of All Sizes

All plans are Pay As You Go with no contracts or commitments. Activation fees may apply.

One time $15 activation fee required on all plans.

Canada & Mexico data packages

2 GB



5 GB



10 GB



20 GB



All add-on data packages expire in 30 days.

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Working & Education on the road

With reliable nationwide Wi-Fi coverage, take comfort in knowing your work projects and online classes can be completed wherever you travel.

family in an rv watching tv and using a laptop

Stay connected

Great for checking emails, online shopping, scrolling your news and social channels, and locating nearby restaurants, gas stations, and all other pit stops you need on the road.

Ongoing entertainment

Stream your favorite music, movies, and shows while you relax or enjoy video chats with friends and family with a fast, secure wireless network.

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Retail ready POP displays and additional marketing support materials available

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  • End Cap Supplies
  • Counter Mats
  • TravlFi Swag
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Access Portal
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Virtual SIM technology brings coverage where you need it

  • VSIM technology tells the device to change towers and find the
    stongest cellular signal in your area
  • No SIM card needed, product ready to go!
  • Access to data from all major carriers
  • Changes towers automatically
  • Prioritized to specific carrier towers

RV Repair Club: TravlFi Journey1 LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

We put our new hotspot to the test with RV Expert and Managing Editor of RV Repair Club, Dave Solberg. In this video, you'll learn what Dave has to say about the capabilities of the TravlFi Journey1 LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, get a sneak peek at our wide variety of data plans, and gain an understanding for why the Journey1 is going to be such a big hit in the RV industry!